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Hi! Ni hao! : Hsiao Chu-Fang Solo Exhibition

This exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s years of painting works, using charcoal sketches as manuscripts and works on canvas to record the whims and emotions of life, like a dramatic single-frame comic strip - there is joy or suffering, bitterness or self-deprecation. Hsiao’s recent creations are more of a searching process, unlike the previous painting techniques of using computer software to configure colors and acrylic flat painting. For example, she stretched out the length of the painting process, hesitating between restraint and passion, making the picture more thoughtful and giving more rhythmic textures to the flat picture. The artist uses “Hi! Ni Hao!” as the title of the exhibition, and divides it into four sub-topics. A common greeting could be expressed or felt differently depending on the situation or context. Through this exhibition, the artist will convey her personal state in life and how she responds to the world.