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Finding Time

In everyday life there are many “invisible” things. They exist, but we don’t necessarily notice them – like the wind, like sounds, and like time. In this art education program, visitors will participate with artworks to become familiar with artists’ observations and thoughts about time. By creating, reading and writing, children will embark on their own discovery of time. This program will share the works of nine artists: Wang Yahui, Wang Chung-Kun, Lee Shi-Chi, Lee Chia-Ying, Lin Guan-Ming, Kuo I-Chen, Chen Chi-Kwan, Liu Han-Chih, and Hsieh Teh-Ching. Their works will link with an array of other events, including “My Study Time,” in which children make their own art, as well as improvisational art activities, artists’ workshops, picture book readings, and creative tours. Participants are invited to come into contact with different forms of artistic expression, examining and sensing their own lives from a fresh viewpoint.