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Jungle Jungle — ZHANG XU zhan Solo Exhibition

In his recent works, artist ZHANG XU Zhan focuses on the dialogue and connection between the locality of Taiwanese culture and the globality of international culture; for example, how the meaning of music changes in circulation, and how oral stories are infiltrated in different regions to produce localized versions. Not only does he explore the general principles of cultural mobility, but also integrate the uniqueness of those similarities and heterogeneities, and to create another reproduction through the creative process. Jungle Jungle—ZHANG XU zhan Solo Exhibition starts from the “folk tales” common all over the world, and opens up the exploration of global connection through the textual similarity of folk tales.


This exhibition includes his complete installations shown at the 2020 Yokohama Triennale in Japan and his new animated video presented at the“ Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year”in 2021, both of which are being shown in Taiwan for the first time. The exhibition combines different types of works such as video animation installations, paper puppet installations, and mixed media sculptures.