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Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Guests at Wang’s House

Each episode of the online video series Guest at Wang’s House expands on a different aspect of Wang Da Hong’s architectural and design work. The first episode is titled “Wang's Houses and Modernism.” By learning about houses designed by Wang, we see how these houses reflect the evolution of aesthetics in the Modernist school. Episode two, “Transformed Traditions,” discusses how various architects living in the same era and sharing similar backgrounds translate traditions into their architectural works respectively, with the focus being primarily on the works of Wang Da Hong. The 3rd episode, titled ‘‘Wang Da Hong’s Literary Dream,’’ places the emphasis on Wang Da Hong’s literary works and explores the relationships between culture and human nature, as well as between novels and the sense of self. Episodes 1 to 3 are available online on TFAM’s YouTube channel, episode 4 will be released soon.