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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 197

20200707101344891029 (1)Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2020/06


Exhibition: Focus One Minute Sculptures
└ It's a Sculpture, Not a Performance: Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculptures / Kuang-Yi Chen
Topic: The Decisive Moment
└ Capturing History at Decisive Moments ─ Henri Cartier-Bresson: China, 1948-1949 and 1958 / Li-Hsin Kuo
└ A Last Look at China: A Challenge Posed by Henri Cartier-Bresson / Chia-Chi Chen
Special Program: The Enlightening Eighties
└ Generation In-Situ: The Seeds of Transdisciplinarity in 1980s Taiwan / Chien-Hung Huang
└ Multiple Engagements: Experiments with Transdiciplinarity in the 1980s / Yi-Hsiu Lin
Archival Research: A Homecoming Collection
└ A Long Way Home ─ Donated Works from Hung Rui-Lin's Miner Collection / Hsueh-lan Pai
Featured Artist: Jun-Jieh Wang
└ The Art Museum in Print: The Book of Repose (Prologue) / Jun-Jieh Wang
└ An Interview with Jun-Jieh Wang / Song-Yong Sing, Yi-ting Lei
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