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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 192

Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2019/03/01



Exhibition Focus Taipei Art Awards

6 From Post-Nature to Postmediality: A New Materialist Approach to Taipei Art Awards 2018 Pei-Chun Viola Hsieh

Special Program The Development of Sound Art in Taiwan

A Brief Chronology of Sound Art in Taiwan
017 - The Forming of Sound Art in Taiwan
023 - From Founding Taiwan's First Experimental Music Label and Magazine to Making Art
028 - An Activity as a Platform for Dialogue: The Development and Influence of the Lacking Sound Festival
036 - The Dynamic Relationship Between Sound and Image: Interviewing Yeh Ting-Hao on His Audio-Visual Work
042 - Installations that Make the Issues Heard: An Interview with Wang Lien-Cheng

046 - Reality Beyond Perception: An Interview with Chang Yung-Ta

Archival Research The Cultural Aspects of a Document

052 - What We Need to Know About Taiwan's Art and
Culture Archives from the 1990s Yeh Hsing-Jou
060 - Tangible and Intangible: Digital Cultural Assets Betrayed by Time Chen Yu-Hsien Joyce
071 - Ni Chiang-Hui's Artistic Vision Revealed in His Book Collection Pai Hsueh-Lan

Featured Artist Shyu Ruey-Shiann

082 - The Art Museum in Print: Nine Dreams Shyu Ruey-Shiann
084 - An Interview with Shyu Ruey-Shiann Tzu-Chuan Lin / Po-Wei Wang

102 - TFAM Online