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Journal of TFAM | 24

Cover ImageAuthor:tfam
date published:2012/11/1
ISBN:issn 1560-4713
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Content:144 pages

Chief Editor’s Note     2
Theme: Contemporary Art and Changing Trends in Performance Art 
Durational Aesthetics/Adrian Heathfield    7 
Tehching Hsieh, the Storyteller / Lee Weng-choy    23                          
The Body, the Archive and the Multitude: An Examination of the Turns of Performance Art/ Kao Jun-honn     31
Vanishing from the Public Eye: The Lifework of Tehching Hsieh/ Wang Pin-hua   57
Critique, Translation and Abstract Machine: A Study on Critiques of Tehching Hsieh’s Works /Gong Jow-jiun     83
General Essay
The Relationship between Contemporary Art and the Mass Media: The Case of French Artist Matthieu Laurette’s Interactive Works with a Mass Audience/Lin Su-hui   115
Appendix 1  Brief Introduction of Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum     139
Appendix 2 Call for Contributions      140