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Artist Navigators II– Selected Writings on Contemp

Artist Navigators II– Selected Writings on Contemp-1Author:tfam
Category:Theme Publications
Date published:2008/12/1

Preface/Hsieh Hsiao-yun
Unavoidable Subjectivism and Bias - A Picture Story by Chang Chien-chi/Hu Yung-fen
The Nameless Grievance of the 70s Generation- Peng Hung-chih’s Allegorical Art/Hu Yung-fen
The Boy Who Left “Home”- Viewing the Local floral Patterns of Michael Lin/Hu Yung-fen
Son of Mountain Gods and Earth Deities- on Wang Wen-chih’s Ultimate Idea of “Home” /Hu Yung-fen
Laughing Boisterously amid Splendid Lights- on the Visual Aesthetics of Huang Chin-ho/Wang ching-ling
Secular Regrets- on Kuo Wei-kuo’s “A Diagram of Commotion and Desire” Series/Chang Ching-wen
Building the Real from the ground Up: on Hsu Yu-jen’s Aesthetics and Philosophy of Life/Wang Chia-chi
The day She Caught the Clouds: The Creative Art and Life Journey of Chen Hui-chiao/Chin Ya-chun
You Only Die Twice, I’ll Catch up with You Beforehand - Interview with Lee Kuo-min/Yu Wei
Is the Real Wu Tien-chang Really Real Wu Tien-chang?- Exploring Real Wu Tien-chang’s Images/Wang Ching-ling