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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 195

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Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2019/12


Topic CIT19 International Conference and Workshops
└ Fostering In-House Curators: An Interview with Taipei Fine Arts Museum Director Ping Lin / Editors

└ Establishing a Home Field Advantage: The Challenges Taiwan Faces in the Era of the Curator——An Interview with National Culture and Arts Foundation Chairman of the Board Lin Mun-Lee / Wu Chia-Hsuan

└ Curatorial Thinking, Deconstructing and Constructing: An Interview with TheCube Project Space Director Amy Cheng / Yi-Cheng Sun

Contemporary Curating Rethink: In the Context of Asia and Beyond / Wang Po-Wei, Shen Ke-Yu

└ Trans-trance Force Field: On the Curatorial Bearing of New Knowledge Raqs Media Collective

└ The New Role of Architects and Private Collectors for the Institution of Art / Kenjiro Hosaka

└ What is the Curatorial Function? / David Teh

└ "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner": Food and Hospitality in Contemporary Art and Exhibitions in Asia and Beyond / Francis Maravillas

└ Making Peace with the Baggage of History: Negotiating between Curatorial Leverage and Reckoning with Readings of the Past / Elieen Legaspi Ramirez

└ On the Condition of Curation in East Asia: Freya Chou in Conversation with Alexander / Lau Freya Chou

Art Museum Education: A New Environment for Public Learning

└ Public Participation and Autonomous Learning: Developing New Relationships between Museums and Visitors / Hsuan-chun Lin

Featured Artist: Kao Jun-Honn
└ The Art Museum in Print: Asia Cement Co.,Ltd / Kao Jun-Honn
└ An Interview with Kao Jun-Honn / Wang Po-Wei, Lin Yen

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