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The Gift

Cover ImagePublished by: TFAM
Category: Learning Brochures
Published Date: 2014/03/15
ISBN: 978-986-039-4801
Price: 350 TWD

Page Tsou

Grown in Fengyuan, Taichung County of Taiwan, Page Tsou started his painting career at the age of 8 and painting became his major channel to communicate with the world. In 2009, he completed his advanced studies and graduated from the Royal College of Art in UK. In 2011, he won the first prize a t the Bologna Illustrator Show Award and the prize of “Best of Show” at the 3×3 International Contemporary Illustration Award, a globally reputed professional competition. His first picture book titled “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” was published by the SM publisher in Spain. This book was published in Italy and held a travelling exhibition in Japan. In 2013, he worked on the project, The Gift, with Taipei Fine Arts Museum to create an illustration book based on the art museum scene.

About This Book

In The Gift, the reader will visit the art museum with a little boy. He receives a gift, an art museum ticket, from his father. Along with his fantastic journey in the museum, the little boy gradually opens his eyes and mind to engage with the art, and enlightens the way he looks at the world.

This book is published on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and also the opening of its Children’s Art Education Center. Through the surreal images and story, The Gift explores different points of view about are appreciation, and reveals the great possibilities within the museum experience.

Table of Content
1990/12/24 12:40 PM Unhappy Boy
1990/12/24 01:10 PM Blue Wonder
1990/12/24 02:30 PM Art Museum
1990/12/24 02:49 PM Waiting
1990/12/24 03:00 PM Secret Entrance
1990/12/24 03:15 PM Cloakroom
1990/12/24 03:30 PM Exhibition
1990/12/24 03:53 PM Viewpoint
1990/12/24 04:20 PM Sacred
1990/12/24 04:35 PM Generator Room
1990/12/24 04:50 PM Ms. Fish & Mr. Bear
1990/12/24 05:10 PM Mystery
1990/12/24 02:51 PM Now
1990/12/24 06:57 PM Later On
1990/12/25 01:47 AM Midnight
1990-12-24 06:57pm Later On
1990-12-25 01:47am Midnight