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The Modernization of Taiwanese Art Before 1945

Cover ImageAuthor:tfam
Category:Theme Publications
Date Published:2009/12/1

Content:192 pages

Preface/Director HSIEH Hsiao-yun 4
Research Papers 7
Mapping Art Movements--Turning Back Time through the TFAM Collection LEE Chin-hsien 8
Iconography of Colonial Taiwan CHUANG Po-ho 14
Hardships and Joys of the Museum Collection-Contributions by the Family of Chang Li Der-her,the Excellent Woman of Chiayi YEN Chuan-ying 16
Works from the Taiwan Fine Arts and Taiwan Government Fine Art Exhibitions in the TFAM Collection HSIAO Chong-ray 26
Positioning Huang Tu-shui in Western Art History XIE Li-fa 34
Chen Chin's Accordion and Modern Women in 1930s Taiwan LIN Yu-chun 40

Plates 47
Appendices 176