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TFAM 2013 Annual Report

Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Category: Annual Report
Published Date: 2014/06/30
ISBN: ISSN 978-986-04-1640-4
Price: NT$250

Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2013 Annual Report 7.76MB

TFAM in 2013 entered its thirtieth year serving the city of Taipei in the capacities of fine arts promoter, exhibitor and educator. Over the past thirty years the museum has welcomed 16.9 million visitors into its halls for a spectacular display of classics from the past century as well as bold impressions by a new generation of artists venturing into uncharted territory – constantly forging ahead, never forgetting our past. Museum staff planned a year-long program of exhibitions and events revolving around the central theme Our Museum, dressing TFAM in full regalia for a 30th anniversary to remember.

006 - Preface
113 - I  ︱ Museum Outlook
120 - II ︱ Accomplishments
120 - [1] Exhibitions & Display
133 - [2] Research & Publications
143 - [3] Promotion & Education
146 - [4] Permanent Collection & Innovation
149 - [5] Public Relations & Marketing
153 - Appendices
1 Background—Brief History, Museum Architecture, Floor Plan, Facilities, Visitor Services, Organizational Structure, Organizational Diagram, Museum Information
2 Statistics—Annual Budget, Major Projects, Acquisitions, Restoration Projects, Collections Exchange, Visitor Statistics, Programs Statistics, Website Traffic, Sponsorship and Major Supporters, International Exchanges