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MODERN ART No.180 Quarterly 2016.03

Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2016/03
ISSN: 977-101802200-109
Price: NT$150


Topic 2015 Taipei Arts Awards: Was It a Contemporary Art Event?

006 - Seductive Suspension: Observations of the 2015 Taipei Arts Awards │ Ku Shih-yung

013 - Interview with the Chairperson of the 2015 Taipei Arts Awards Jury: Yuan Goang-ming │ Hsu Hui-chi

022 - Consistent Absence of Intersecting Generational Views: The Normality of Taipei Arts Awards │ Wang Yung-lin

027 - It Seems that We Learn Something About Art When We Experience What the Word Solitude is Meant to Designate: Wang Hsiang-ling’s Metamorphosis│Chen Hsin

036 - Disturbing Landscapes: Unsettled Life in Lin Tai-chou’s Images|Lin Yi-hsiu


Special Program│Historical Mark: The Hybrid Art Traditions of the Philippines

046 - Social Realism: The Turns of a Term in the Philippines │ Patrick D. Flores

060 - Contemporary of Art in the Philippines: Enlightenment, Film, Collapse, History and Future │ Nobuo Takamori

069 - An Anecdotal Chapter: Modern Art Exchange between Taiwan and the Philippines in the 1970s and 80s │ Huang Yi-hsiung


Exhibition Topic │Non-Architecture, Non-Design

Architecture Undefined: On X-site 2016 │ Wang Chun-hsiung

081 - Thomas Heatherwick: the Game of Objects in Materials and Scales

086 - I Have an Idea: Frank Gehry’s 2015 Exhibition in Tokyo │ Lin Chi-ming

Collection Research │ Narratology in Figurative Photography

094 - On the Aesthetics of Posture in TFAM’s Photography Collection │ Chu Yin-hua


Featured Artist │ Tao Ya-lun

106 - What Interests Me is the World Outside the Cave: On Tao Ya-lun │ Chen Hsiang-wen

114 - The Art Museum in Print: A Box of Infinity │ Tao Ya-lun


117 - TFAM Online