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2009 Int. Symposium on Art Museum Education

Cover ImageAuthor:tfam
Category:Theme Publications
Date Published:2009/12/1

Content:218 pages
Author’s Introduction    8
Innovative Thinking in Art Museum Education/Lin Mun-lee   23
Innovation Catalysts for Museum Education/Marla K. Shoemaker   33
Recent Tendency of Art Museum Education in Japan/Namiki, Seichi 45
Art Museums and Online Learning: Innovative Tools and Approaches/Herminia Wei-hsin Din 59
The Internet, the Web, Social Media, and Museums: Ubiquity and Power Omnipotence,
 Omnipresence, and Omniscience/Suzanne Akhavan Sarraf   79
National Palace Museum, Digital multimedia gives art new life- An overview of The Future Museum Exhibition/Jewel Pai-chu Lin   104
Art Museum Education and Tourism: Marketing Strategies and Implications-Case Study: Huashan1914 Creative Park, Taipei/Chen Fu-yen   120
Marketing to the Masses – Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore/Jennifer Quong & Sundraraj Thavasikkannu   141
Cultural tourism and museums/Lynda Kelly   159
Interbeing: The Professional development of art museums and educators/Wanchen Liu   170
Organization Structure and Professional Development for Art Museum Educators/Nik Honeysett & Jack Ludden   187
A Flexible Organization to Meet Audience Needs with Educational Programming - Discussing New Patterns and Structures for Taiwan’s Museums from the Perspective of the Juming Museum/Wu Su-mei     211