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Imminent Sounds: Falls and Crossings
Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Category: Exhibitions Catalog
Published Date: 2013/12/1
ISBN: 978-986-03-9562-4
Price: 800 TWD

Snice ancient times, the concept of "falling" has played an inspirational role in the production of art. Drawning on the exploration of this concept by thinkers, writers and artists, such as in a tomb painting dated to the time before Christ, paintings by Brueghel and Courbet, a text by Bill Viola, poems by Brecht and Paul Claudel, and Wim Wenders' film, the curator used it as the exhibition theme and criterion for choosing the works. Apart from interpreting "falling" as a tense or shocking physical phenomenon, such as objects falling, water tumbling down or bodies falling the works also deal with "fall" in the sense of rise and fall in the life cycle. Through the act of leaping that suggests a journey towards the unknown and another place, they explore the cycle of life and deathand the notion of rebirth. "Falling" suggests on exhibitional quality of the body and represents an indescribable strength, while the "falling" are travelers heading towards the unknown. They are in a state of perpetual transformation, which opens up endless possibilities.
Imminent Sounds: Falls and Crossings uses the magic of Images, the vertical visual quality and ubiquitous sound in the exhibition venue to highlight the sense of tension and even discomfiting atmosphere implied in the word "imminent" in the exhibition title. Through the uniquely powerful and penetrating new media, it explores the various concepts associated with "falling", creating more diverse possibillities for its expression. The artistic motif of "falling" that inspires the imagination adds a humanistic dimension and rich philosophical meaning to new media art.
014 - Foreword│Hai-ming Huang, Director, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
020 - Essays
022 - Back to Paestum│James Giroudon
030 - From Falls to Crossings:An Itinerary of the EXhibition│James Giroudon
046 - From Music to Sound-In Search of Sound Art│Fang-yi Lin
060 - Works and Artists
062 - Narrow Waters│Herve Bailly-Basin, Phillppe Moenne Loccoz
068 - Fall(s), Triptych│Paolo Pachini, Raphael Cendo, Martin Matalon, Michael Jarrell
098 - Sell-portrait against Nature│Michel Francois
102 - Appearance of a Glass│Michel Francois
104 - Water Retainment│Michel Francois
108 - To Jump │Michel Francois
112 - Land IV│Ulf Langheinrich
118 - Mutations of Matter│Carlos Franklin, Roque Rivas
126 - Remains│Thierry De May
130 - Bralds of 5 Paths│Thierry De May
136 - Performance Painting #2│Nicolas Floc'h
142 - The Raft│Bill Viola
152 - 72 Impulse│Traflk, Yann Oriarey
160 - The Fall of the Angel│Pierre Alain Jaffrennou
168 - Duet│Kris Verdonck
170 - Presyncope│Kris Verdonck
174 - Frieze│Kris Verdonck
182 - The Embrace│Joelle Bouvier, Regis Obadia