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MODERN ART No.183 Quarterly 2016.12

Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Published Date: 2017/8/15
ISSN: 977101802200112



Topic Taipei Biennial 2016

006 - An Interview with Cutator Diserens│Lin Chi-ming

025 - Archives as Lesions: Reading the Symptoms of "Gestures and Archives of the Present, Genealogies of the Future"│Hsu Ming-han

035 - Archives that Escape Everyday Life: Exploring Possibilities of Contemporary Art│Liu Yung-hao

042 - Trans-body in Sens-cious Field Research: Resistance in Latent Colonization and Subalterns' Epistémè│Chen Chieh-jen, Huang Chien-hung

050 - Looking as an Archiving Action: An Outsider's View of the 2016 Taipei Biennial│Kuo Wen-hua

062 - Haptic Seneations Beyond Visual Culture: Redefining"Modernity" in Museology so as to Readjust the Digitized Global Scale Model│Shigemi Inaga

Exhibition Topic

Dance with the Museum Collection

077 - Panel Discussion for the Exhibition "Amnesia and Malevich"s Pharmacy":4897, The Illusion of Subjectivity, Public Collections, Collecting History and Historical Collections│Guo Jau-lan, Wu Chieh-hsiang etc.

090 - Image Imaginings: Reinterpreting Realism in Post-war Taiwanese Photograph│Chu Yin-hua

098 - Mega-weave: Inter-reflections│Hsiao Yu-chih

Featured Artist

Wang Te-yu

106 - Interview with Wang Te-yu│Wang Po-wei

120 - The Art Museum in Print: No. 89 │Wang Te-yu

122 - TFAM Online