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Journal of TFAM No.36

20190114145818599777Publisher: TFAM
Category: Journal of TFAM
Published Date: 2018/11/01
ISSN: 1560-4713



002-A Note from the Chief Editor / LAI Ying-Ying

Theme The 2nd Wave of the Art Museum
 007-Contemplating the Trend of Harnessing the Crowd in Art Museum / SU Yaohua
 025-Post-museum, Revitalization of Neighborhood and the Adaptive Reuse of Old Buildings: A Case Study of Dadaocheng Area in Taipei City / YIN Pao-Ning

General Essay
 059-Ontological Event and (Syn)aesthetics in the Work of Art of Virtual Reality / CHIU Chih-Yung
 079-Art as Reverberations of Social Movement?Study on the Works of Chen Chieh-jen — "Factory", "Route" and "Realm of Reverberations" / LU Pei-Yi

117-Appendix1 Summary of the Journal
120-Appendix2 Call for Contributions

Besides cultural resource inventory and the promotion of arts and cultural activities, the establishing of museums can also maintain local identity and boost the development of cultural industry. In this issue, two essays under the topic "Second Wave of Art Musem Craze" thematically discuss from the perspective of visitor's behavior and historical building as museum. In SU Yaohua's essay, she takes the crowdfunding program "everyone could be the patron" that has been promoted for ten years by the Louvre Museum as a case study, discussing the possibility of museum's being "alternative tools of economy."
YIN Pao-Ning yet takes the lately established AMA museum and 207 museum in Dadaocheng, Taipei as case studies . From the idea of post-museum, the author discusses the relation and links among museum, regeneration and cultural economy.
The other two essays on the arts yet discuss the development of two trends in contemporary artistic practices. LU Pei-Yi's essay is reading CHEN Chieh-Jen's three works, "Factory," "The Route," and "Realm of Reverberations" rethinking the force when art serves the function as the resounding of social movement. Through the artistic transformation of visualization, formalization and emotionalization, social actions open up a continuous role of art that can keep on after social movement. CHIU Chih-Yung's essay explores the interactive relation among "image," "body," "time" and "space" in the artistic practices of virtual reality. "Ontological events" and "synesthesia aesthetics" in the arts of virtual reality explain the participants’ contrapositioning experiences of perceptions and body senses in two realms of reality and virtuality when entering works of virtual reality with wearable devices and technological equipment.
Facing the rapid social changes, art museums are the best places to ref lect public's need and different voices. Integrating multiple resources, encouraging cultural production, and implementing public’s interest will be the social value of art museums in the coming era. Nowadays, local governments are actively preparing to establish art museums in many places, thus bringing out the “second wave of art museum craze.”