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Architecture 70%

20181113144859375990Publisher: TFAM
Category:Exhibition Catalogs
Published Date: 2018/10/01
ISSN: 978-986-05-6886-8


Since the Taipei Fine Arts Museum Children's Art Education Center opened its doors in 2014, we have focused on creating an art education environment where people find joy in learning, exploring, and discovering on their own. This was our first educational program to cross over into the field of architecture, inviting visitors to join us in forming a new vision, and to enjoy the fun of mixing architecture, art and education.
Last year, while TFAM was temporarily closed to the public as we installed a new air-conditioning system, the Children's Art Education Center launched an experimental program, "Art Out and About," in which museum staff and volunteer guides formed teaching teams and visited the various elementary schools of Taipei City, using games to introduce children to our museum and some of the classic works in our collection.
To acquaint students with the TFAM building itself, team members developed a game in which the children built a model of TFAM with building blocks. During the classes, we discovered that in fact students were extremely curious about the special features and the design of the museum building. The enthusiasm they showed for architecture inspired us to conceive this program, "Architecture 70%."
The program, planned by the center's staff, was an outgrowth of the research findings of the exhibition "Revisiting New Horizons," which was part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, based on the book TFAM before 1983: Documentation on the Building of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, which brought together numerous valuable historical pictures and texts. "Architecture 70%" exhibited documents from the original design bidding process, and included a variety of interactive installations, broadly covering many different aspects of architecture. Simulations of an architect's office and a construction site were built right in the exhibition space, affording complete observation and reinterpretation of the building's features and the nature of an architect's work. Through this extremely imaginative method of exhibition, young visitors and their parents had a deeply meaningful experience of an architect's role and explored the topic of architectural design.As our museum reopens and we celebrate our 35th anniversary, Program X-Site, a series of installations in the museum plaza, also enters its 5th year. Moreover, a replica of the residence of architect Wang Da Hong has been rebuilt and incorporated as part of TFAM. With the birth of the Wang Da Hong House Theatre, architectural education has become an active, essential element of Taipei Fine Arts Museum's mission. "Architecture 70%" is a fresh expression of the TFAM building that allows us to look back on its history and glimpse its future, to experience and consider the museum structure in depth. As we document the program in this catalogue, educators working in different fields such as architecture and art are able to share its results.
The undraping of this program and catalogue before the eyes of the public is the result of the efforts of many. We are particularly grateful to Kao Er-pan, architect of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, for generously sharing his information and insights, thus allowing many of the program's ideas to come to fruition. Many thanks to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum Documentation Center, founded in 2017, which lent their full support throughout the curatorial process, providing valuable documentation and taking part in its display. Many thanks to Professor Wu Kwang-Tyng for gracing this catalogue with his solid professionalism and brilliant perspectives. Finally, we are grateful to Biaxis Neo Co., Ltd. for generously providing Keim mineral paints from Germany, so that the architectural colors in this program could be expertly interpreted. On behalf of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who engaged in these scholarly exchanges and sharing of opinions, and all those who enthusiastically contributed during the program's preparatory phase, for helping this program and catalogue to be unveiled with success.


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