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Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Category:Exhibition Catalogs
ublished Date:2017/8/16
ISSN: 978-986-04-8865-4 br/>


011 - Foreword│Lin Ping-Introduction

014 - Letting Images Speak for Themselves-Some Expectations for Liberating Cultral Archives│Yeh Hsing-jou

020 - Broken Spectre│Yu Wei-Artworks/Context

027 - The Walker│Su Hui-yu

030 - Happiness Never Comes Twice-A Retrospective Talk on Taiwan Walker Theatre│Hsu Che-yu

037 - Re-rupture│Hsu Che-yu

040 - Our Conditions Are All the Same-A Record of Visiting│Wu Chung-wei / Chen Wan-yin

045 - If the (Island's) Body is a (Marginalized) Rice Dumpling par Excellence│Yu Cheng-ta

048 - Only The Dominated Can Decide the Quality of Domination-Isle Margin and Eroticism Yu Cheng-ta, Corrine, Chocorockxin│Lee-Essys

056 - Broken Spectre x Folk Art-the Genealogy of Spectre in Aesthetic Doucments Taiwan Gong│Jow-jiun

063 - Nameless Escape -Some Fragmented Thoughts on the Rupturing of Bodily Language in the 1990s│Chang Shih-lun

072 - A Person Who is Always Busy Liberating Others But Has Never Liberated Himself-Experiences and Memories of Theatre, Film, and Body in the 1990s Chocorockxin Lee-Biography

082 - Artists, Curator,Curatorial team