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The Art of Design Dan Reisinger

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Category:Exhibition Catalogs
Date published:2008/3/1

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Israel, our museum holds this exhibition in cooperation with Israel Economic and Cultural With “photography” and ”design”, this photo exhibition introduces the works of two Israeli photojournalists - Paul Goldman (1900-1986) and David Rubinger (1924- ). Goldman and Rubinger are both Israeli photographers who record historical moments that helped develop the history of Israel as well as common daily life such as the private life of politicians. For instance, Goldman has taken pictures of the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion when he was practicing to handstand, showing that politicians have humor too.
The design exhibition introduces works of the most important Israeli designer - Dan Reisinger (1934- ). Reisinger is the most prestigious designer in Israel who is also internationally known. His style of design is simple, fast, and confident, which perfectly combines form, color, and function. His works consist of 3 colors: the yellow of the hexagon he was forced to wear under the Nazi force in his childhoods, the red on the flag of Russian PLA (People’s Liberation Army), and the blue of the Israeli sky. These 3 colors weave all his works and brim with freedom, energy, passion, and creativity. We can easily see the conversation between Middle East and the world, and the spark when Eastern strikes with the Western cultural.