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Journal of TFAM No.38

20191125164102639511 (1)Publisher: TFAM
Category: Journal of TFAM
Published Date: 2019/11
ISSN: 1560-4713




Editor's Note ╱ Wang Po-Wei

Theme Discourses on Body, Performance and Preforming Art Since the 1990s in Taiwan

└ Stand-in Performance: The "Variant" and "Machine/Human" in Digital Performing Arts ╱ Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU

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Since the 1990s, due to the lifting of martial law, the shackles imposed by authoritarian political ideology on people's daily life has been gradually breaking down. The accumulating social energy has burst out through different pathways, while the body and social movement, performance art, theatrical performance, or dance that take the bodies as the medium tremendously search for various forms of presentation. Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU ponders the relationship among "body," subjectivized individuals, and mechanical devices from the perspective of "puppets" and "robots" in his article, "Avatar Acting: 'variants' and 'robot/human' in digital performances." With the examples of works of Zhang Xu-Zhan, ET@T, and Huang Yi, Chiu believes that there is a trend of integration between humans and machines.

Editor-in-Chief ︱ Wang Po-Wei