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Yuan Goang-Ming: Everyday War Collateral Event of the 60th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

Sirens, explosive blast, sudden pounding, and a slow-tempo anthem, are the sound from different artworks about an air raid drill, a civil disobedience movement, and different settings inside of an imagined home. Is this a site of allegory reflecting the past and present? Or a prophecy of the human future told through an exhibition? It’s probably both to Yuan Goang-Ming, the artist born, raised, and living with his family in Taiwan.

This solo presentation encompasses the artist’s work from 2014 to now. Together they convey both personal and collective’s ever longing inquiry of home in an era when conflict and fragility are the norm: What’s survival? What’s living? What’s peace? What’s safety? What’s freedom? What’s poetic?

Directly hear and see the voice of this Taiwan artist about what these all mean to him, in "Everyday War" with "Foreigners Everywhere" at the Biennale Arte 2024.