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Privacy & Security

Privacy Right Security Policies of Taipei Fine Art Museum Web Site


I、Privacy Protection Policy of Taipei Fine Art Museum Web Site (hereinafter the "TFAM Web Site") :
1、 The content of privacy protection policies includes how to process personal information collected from using web site services. Privacy protection policies are not applicable for linked sites other than this web site, and also not applicable for personnel not appointed by this site or those administrative personnel.
2、 When you register, browse web site, participate web site activities, we will collect your individual identification information. We may also acquire personal information from other cooperate partners. When you register, we will ask information including your ID number, name, gender, date of birth, telephone, hobby, occupation, income, address and e-mail box. When you successfully register as a member, we will reserve your basic information in server. Therefore, for second time visiting TFAM Web Site, you only need to provide your account number and password for easy verification and use exclusive member services quickly. During general browsing, server will automatically record related routes, including IP address used by your connection equipment, time used, browser used, browsing and data selected records and so on as our references for web site services improvement. These records are bases of our referential applications for internal web site services development and will never publicize externally.
3、 Exclusive member services including: e-paper subscription, file download, online book purchasing, reservation for online educational activities (including tour guide, lecture, seminar, teacher’s camp, volunteer recruitment, find art museum practice and so on), appointment for selected fine art class and personal blog.
4、 For online book purchasing, TFAM Web Site provides specified fine art publications for online book purchasing services. Members can pay it by online credit card, postal transfer and ATM transfer. Only as using credit card for consumption, it will be directly linked to the bank site cooperated with Taipei Fine Art Museum for transmitting online credit card information adopting SSL encryption. When a member uses the credit card, the card number will be recorded on bank system and Fine Art Museum per se cannot get the number. Therefore, it is guaranteed for the safety of transaction.
5、 TFAM Web Site grants you the power to alter personal account information and preferred setup anytime, including the decision whether to accept the notices of TFAM Web Site for special activities.
6、 Data Use Right. Once you have uploaded, transmitted, entered or provided any information to TFAM Web Site, it will be deemed as permission for TFAM Web Site to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, re-publish, distribute, issue, publish and transmit said information in accordance with privacy policies. In addition, you absolutely have no objection that TFAM Web Site is entitled to sublicense preceding rights to third party. Moreover, You shall assure no third parties' intellectual property right is offended under those manipulations, otherwise, you shall compensate for any indemnity to TFAM Web Site (including but not limitation to litigation fee and attorney fee, etc.)
7、 TFAM Web Site will never sell, exchange or rent out any your personal information to other groups or individuals, excluding events as follows:
As you agree to share the information;

  • For the necessary of statistic analysis and visitor structure of museum, using your information for academic research and analysis;
  • For public safety, juridical unit ask TFAM Web Site to provide specific personal member information, TFAM Web Site will make necessary cooperation depending on legal formal procedures and the safety consideration for all users of TFAM Web Site;
  • For violating any policy, right, intellectual property right of TFAM Web Site or against the safety of other members.
8、 TFAM Web Site will amend the policies now and then. When we make significant amendment about rules of using personal information, we will post a notice on web page to inform you with related items.
9、 All TFAM Web Site computer mainframes have firewall, virus prevention system and necessary safety protection procedures to protect the web site and your personal information. In order to protect your privacy and safety, your account information of TFAM Web Site will be protected via password. During data transmission, TFAM Web Site adopts common standard SSL security system to protect the safety of data transmission.

II、Cookie Used by TFAM Web Site:
Cookies are some short information written into users’ hard discs through browser in order to identify different user preferences by server end. Currently, most web sites use Cookie to provide various useful functions for their customers. However, Cookie can only identify your computer instead of your identification. Most browsers are defaulted to accept Cookie, but you may also select to reject accepting Cookie. You may choose to alter the acceptable degree of Cookies by your browser, including accept all Cookies, get notice as setting Cookies and reject all Cookies such three types. If you select to reject all Cookies, then you may not use partial personalized services or participate partial activities. According to following purposes and situations, TFAM Web Site will write in and read Cookies from your browser under principles of this policy to provide better and more customized services and facilitate you to participate personalized interactive activities. Cookies will be established upon your registration or login, and will be amended as your logout for visiting number calculation and browsing mode analysis to understand the situation of web page visiting and to be references for service improvement of TFAM Web Site.

III、Children Privacy of TFAM Web Site
1、 TFAM Web Site especially protects and emphasizes on children’s privacy.
2、 TFAM Web Site pays much attention to children’s “Personal Information”.
3、 Especially for teenagers under fourteen, TFAM Web Site hopes that parents of said subjects could accompany them to visit TFAM Web Site to assure children’s and teenagers’ rights.
4、 In children privacy area, there are more and more standards being built. These standards will influence TFAM Web Site on how to handle children’s “Personal Information” in the future. TFAM Web Site is paying closely attention to these changes and redesign related systems more qualifying for protecting children’s privacy and allow it to get duly safety protection.

IV、Statement of TFAM Web Site Aiming at Safety Protection of Personal Information
1、 TFAM Web Site kindly asks you to properly keep your membership account number, password and any personal information on TFAM Web Site. Please do not provide anyone your personal information, especially the password.
2、 Your TFAM Web Site membership account information and network identification information are all protected by password, and only you can read this personal information.
3、 You may use TFAM Web Site account number and password to modify TFAM Web Site membership information and identification information. We recommend you not to disclose the password to anyone.
4、 TFAM Web Site will never ask your password through telephone or e-mail without your permission.
5、 TFAM Web Site suggests you to logout the memberships account and close browser window after completing use of TFAM Web Site membership services.
6、 Make sure nobody can read your personal information and letters as you share your computer with others or use computer in public places like library or cyber coffee shop, because Internet information transmission cannot 100% guarantee the safety.
7、 Therefore, although TFAM Web Site spares no effort to protect your personal information safety, TFAM Web Site still cannot assure or endorse the information you send to or receive from TFAM Web Site, and you shall bear your own risk.
8、 Once TFAM Web Site receives information you sent, TFAM Web Site would do our best to assure the data safety stored in the system.
If you have any question regarding your privacy right in TFAM Web Site, or you consider part of TFAM Web Site did not comply with these principles, welcome to provide your precious opinions. Please use e-mail to notify TFAM Web Site, info@tfam.gov.tw, TFAM Web Site would spare no effort to make improvement to the reasonable extent in accordance with recommendations provided by you, and give you better services.