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Membership Rights and Privacy Policy of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum Website, the official website of TFAM(hereinafter the “TFAM Website”):

We welcome all, young and old, to register as a member of the TFAM Website. In order to protect your rights, please read the following very carefully before registering, the said of which grants all members exclusive services to the site. When you check “Agree”, it means that you commit yourself to accepting and agreeing to follow all regulations related to rules pertaining to membership:

I. Description of Intellectual Property Rights of the TFAM Website: The patents, copyrights, trademarks, business secrets and other intellectual properties contained in all writings, data, content, programs and website screen arrangements of the Website are owned by the TFAM Website or by the rightful legal owners as authorized by the TFAM Website. All services are rendered available to you only for personal but not commercial use.

II. Browser Notice:
1. The TFAM Website will not endorse the truthfulness and completeness of related sites that users link through the TFAM Website. Users may determine whether or not to enter other linked sites and shall evaluate their value of content on their own; the TFAM Website will make their own assessment of the truthfulness, completeness, timely or reliability of related information provided by personal, company or organizational websites linked with ours. Accordingly, said person, company or organization therefore will not have any employment, delegation, representation, partnership or other similar relationships with TFAM Website.

2. The expressed viewpoints of users will not represent the viewpoint of the TFAM Website. The viewpoints, suggestions and all other messages addressed through the TFAM Website only represent the viewpoints of authors delivering these messages, contents, information and posts. The TFAM Website does not endorse any opinions proposed by any participator or person claimed on the message board or discussion zone.

3. The TFAM Website will strictly control the operational safety of systemic functions. Members are forbidden to break into or interfere with any data and functions related to the TFAM Website in any way, or attempt to hijack or damage any network system. Such behavior will result in legal prosecution on behalf of the TFAM Website. The TFAM Website disclaims any expressed or implied warranties for the stability, safety, freedom from mistakes, current and breakdown of all services. Users thereby agree to bear all risks in the use of the TFAM Website services and all damages that may be caused by said risk.

III. Privacy Protection Policy:
1. The content of privacy protection policies includes how to process personal information collected from using the Website services. Privacy protection policies are not applicable for linked sites other than this Website, and also not applicable for personnel not appointed by this site or by administrative personnel.

2. When you register, which gives you the right to browse the Website or participate in Website activities, we will collect your individual identification information. We may also acquire personal information from other partners. When you register, we will ask information that includes your name, ID number, gender, date of birth, home telephone, cell-phone number, hobbies, occupation, income, address and e-mail account. When you successfully register as a member, we will reserve your basic information in the server. Thereafter, whenever you visit the site, you need only to provide your account number and password for easy verification to enter the site to access information. During general browsing, the server will automatically record related routes, including the IP address used by your connection equipment, time used, browser used, browsing and data selected records and so on as our reference to improve our future website service. These records are only for our own benefit and such records will never be publicized externally or knowingly.

3. Exclusive membership services shall include: e-paper subscription, file download, online book purchasing, reservation for online educational activities (including guided tours, lectures, seminars, teacher’s camp, volunteer recruitment, practices common to fine arts museums, and so on), appointment for selected fine arts classes and the making of personal blogs.

4. For online book purchasing, the TFAM Website provides specified fine arts publications for online book purchasing services. Members can pay for purchases through online credit card, postal or ATM transfer. In using the credit card, the credit card will be directly linked to the bank site in cooperation with TFAM by transmitting online credit card information adopting the SSL encryption. When a member uses a credit card, the card number will be recorded on the banking system so that TFAM will not have access to your credit card number. This is to guarantee security of transaction.

5. The TFAM Website grants you the right at any time to alter personal account information and preferred setup, including the decision as to whether to accept the notices of the TFAM Website for special activities.

6. The Right to Data Use: Once you have uploaded, transmitted, entered or provided any information to the TFAM Website, it will be deemed as permission for the TFAM Website to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, re-publish, distribute, issue, publish and transmit said information in accordance with privacy policies. In addition, you agree that you will absolutely have no objection to the TFAM Website’s entitlement to sublicense preceding rights to a third party. Moreover, you shall assure that no third party’s intellectual property rights are offended under those manipulations; otherwise, you shall compensate for any indemnity to the TFAM Website (including but not limited to litigation and attorney fees, etc.)

7. The TFAM Website will never sell, exchange or rent out any personal information to other groups or individuals, unless otherwise noted, which include the following exceptions:
You agree to share information; For the necessary purpose of statistic analysis the structure of museum visitors, using your information for academic research and analyses; For public safety, the juridical unit requests the TFAM Website to provide specific membership information; the TFAM Website will cooperate in whatever manner it deems appropriate with any formal legal procedure as requested by said authority in order to insure the security of all users of the TFAM Website; For the prevention of violating any policy, rights, intellectual property rights of the TFAM Website or any action that against the safety of other members.

8. The TFAM Website will amend its policies according to need. When we make significant amendments regarding rules in the use of personal information, we will post a notice on the web page to inform you of such changes.

9. All TFAM Website computer mainframes have firewall, virus prevention systems and necessary safety protection procedures to protect the Website and your personal information. In order to protect your privacy and safety, your account information of the TFAM Website will be protected via the password. During data transmission, the TFAM Website adopts the common standard SSL security system to protect the safety of data transmission.

IV. Cookie Used by TFAM Website:
Cookies are some short information written into users’ hard discs through the browser in order to identify different user preferences through the server end. Currently, most websites use Cookies to provide various useful functions for their customers. However, Cookies can only identify your computer, not your personal identification. Most browsers are defaulted to accept Cookie, but you may also choose to refuse to accept Cookie. You may choose to alter the acceptable degree of Cookie by your browser, including accepting all Cookies, get notice as setting Cookies and reject all Cookies such three types. If you choose to reject all Cookies, then you may not use partial personalized services or participate in partial activities. According to the following purposes and situations, the TFAM Website will write in and read Cookies from your browser under the principles of this policy to provide better and more customized services and make it easier for you to participate in personalized interactive activities. To understand the situation while you are visiting the web page, and to improve the service of our website, Cookies will be established upon your registration or login, and will be amended as you logout.

V. Protection of the Privacy of Children in the TFAM Website
1. The TFAM Website especially emphasizes the protection of children’s privacy.

2. The Website pays much attention to children’s “Personal Information”.

3. Especially for teenagers under fourteen, the Website hopes that parents of said subjects could accompany them to visit the Website to assure their children’s rights.

4. With regard to children’s privacy, better standards are being built and followed. These standards will influence the Website as to how best to handle children’s “Personal Information” in the future. The Website pays close attention to these changes and is in the process of redesigning related systems to better protect children’s privacy.

VI. Statement of the TFAM Website Aiming at the Protection of Personal Information
1. The TFAM Website kindly asks you to safeguard your membership account number, password and any personal information related to our Website. Please do not provide anyone with your personal information, especially your all-important password.

2. Your Website membership account information and network identification information are all protected by the password, and only you are able to access this personal information.

3. You may use the Website account number and password to modify any membership and identification information. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of not disclosing the password to anyone.

4. The Website will never ask for your password over the telephone or e-mail without your permission.

5. The Website suggests that you logout membership accounts and close the browser window each time upon using the Website membership services.

6. Make sure nobody can read your personal information and letters if you share your computer with others or use computers in public places like libraries or cyber coffee shops, because Internet information transmission is not 100% safety guaranteed.

7. Therefore, although our Website has spared no effort in protecting the safety of your personal information, the Website still cannot completely assure our participants that the information you send will be protected; you must still bear some unforeseeable risks.

8. Once the Website receives your information, we will do our best to assure you that the data have been safely stored in the system.
If you have any questions regarding your privacy rights in the TFAM Website, or if you feel some aspect of the Website do not comply with these principles, we welcome you to provide your precious opinions. Please use the following e-mail, info@tfam.gov.tw, to notify us. We will spare no effort within reasonable bounds to make whatever necessary improvements or recommendations you suggest.