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Culture and Creative Project Coopeation notes 

Taipei Fine Arts Museum Sponsorship
01RC Culture and Arts FoundationJungle Jungle — ZHANG XU zhan Solo Exhibitionsponsor
02Shin Kong Wu Tung Ching FoundationLEE YIH-HONG: A RETROSPECTIVEsponsor
03Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Culture and Education foundationLEE YIH-HONG: A RETROSPECTIVEsponsor
04The Museum Friends AssociationThe Wild Eighties: Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwansponsor
05Universal Music Taiwanthe course of its general developmentsponsor
06Aveda Taiwan"The Garden," work of exhibition “the Modern Exorcist”sponsor
01The Museum Friends AssociationThe Modern Exorcist: The Gardensponsor
02H PRODUCTIONthe course of its general developmentsponsor
01The Alliance Cultural FoundationPaul Chiang: A Retrospectivesponsor
02Nanya Technology CorporationChildren's Art Education Centersponsor
03CTBC Foundation of Art and CultureTaipei Biennial 2020 sponsorsponsor
04The Museum Friends AssociationX-site Publishingsponsor
05Goethe InstitutTaipei Biennial 2020 sponsorsponsor
06LUMA FOUNDATIONTaipei Biennial 2020 sponsorsponsor
07ProhelvetiaTaipei Biennial 2020 sponsorsponsor
08Bureau Français de TaipeiTaipei Biennial 2020 sponsorsponsor
09Pegatron CorporationSolo Exhibition Open Call sponsorsponsor
01The Museum Friends AssociationArt Librarysponsor
02HTC Corporation58th Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilionsponsor
01CTBC Foundation of Art and Culture58th Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilionsponsor
02Pro HelvetiaTaipei Biennial 2018 sponsorsponsor
03Danish Arts FoundationTaipei Biennial 2018 sponsorsponsor
04Each ModernSolo Exhibition Open Call sponsorsponsor
05Chou Shih HsiungSolo Exhibition Open Call sponsorsponsor
06The Museum Friends AssociationWang Da Hong House Theatresponsor
07ProhelvetiaTaipei Biennial 2018sponsor
08Goethe InstitutTaipei Biennial 2018sponsor
01Spring Foundation57th Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilionsponsor
01Goethe InstitutTaipei Biennial 2016sponsor
02Institut Français de TaipeiTaipei Biennial 2016sponsor
03The Museum Friends Association57th Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilionsponsor
04American Institute in TaiwanTaipei Biennial 2016sponsor
01According to Non-Disclosure Agreement,
the organization name is not disclosed
Louis Kahn. The Power of Architecturesponsor
02According to Non-Disclosure Agreement,
the organization name is not disclosed
Louis Kahn. The Power of Architecturesponsor
03Goethe InstitutLouis Kahn. The Power of Architecturesponsor
04Ministry of CultureLouis Kahn. The Power of Architecturesponsor
05The Museum Friends AssociationVenice Biennale Arts Administration Development Schemesponsor
01British CouncilView–Point: A Retrospective Exhibition of Li Yuan-chia and Lecture Forumsponsor
02The Museum Friends AssociationChildren's Art Education Centersponsor
03TSMC Education and Culture FoundationGet Rhythm with Paul Klee Interactive Exhibit
and Workshop Series
04J.P. MorganTaipei Biennial 2014sponsor
05Taishin International BankTaipei Biennial 2014sponsor
06Goethe InstitutTaipei Biennial 2014sponsor
07Mondriaan FoundationTaipei Biennial 2014sponsor
08Institut Français de TaipeiTaipei Biennial 2014sponsor
01Credit Suisse AGSaturday Night Hourssponsor
02TSMC Education and Culture FoundationChildren's Art Education Centersponsor
03The Museum Friends AssociationRevisiting New Horizons bouchures
04The Museum Friends AssociationThe infrastructure maintenance of the Museumsponsor
05BNP Paribas TaiwanImminent Sounds:Falls and Crossingssponsor
06The German Cultural Center TaipeiImminent Sounds:Falls and Crossingssponsor
07Ministry of CultureImminent Sounds:Falls and Crossingsgovernment grant
08uPrint, STC, International artistic limited company of the basic point, post vision Ltd., daguerrelabTime: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang, 1959-2013sponsor
09New Chin Chin Corp., HBI CO.,LTDIntersecting Vectors—Experimental Projects from the TFAM Collectionsponsor
10Institut Français de Taipei2014 Taipei Biennialsponsor
11IFA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V.2012 Taipei Biennialsponsor
12Ministry of Culture55th Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilionsponsor
13Ministry of Foreign Affairs55th Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilionsponsor
01Ministry of Culture2012 Taipei Biennialgovernment grant
02Ministry of Foreign AffairsBoundaries on the Move: A Cross-Culture Dialoguegovernment grant
03British Council2012 Taipei Biennialsponsor
04The German Cultural Center Taipei2012 Taipei Biennialsponsor
05Mondriaan Foundation2012 Taipei Biennialsponsor
06Credit Suisse AGSaturday Night Hourssponsor
07Chen Li-BoCHEN Cheng-Po, Masked Nude Femaledonate
08Chen Li-BoCHEN Cheng-Po, Red and Whitedonate
01Council for Cultural AffairsLife is beautiful: Glenn Murcutt: Architecture for Placegovernment grant
02British CouncilSuper Contemporary - Designed in Londonsponsor
03The German Cultural Center TaipeiJulian Rosefeldt World-Making Film and Photo Works 2001-2011sponsor
04Credit Suisse AGSaturday Night Hourssponsor
05Council for Cultural AffairsAsian Museum Network Conference MUSCON 2011government grant
06Council for Cultural Affairs54th Venice Biennial Taiwan Paviliongovernment grant
07Ministry of Foreign Affairs54th Venice Biennial Taiwan Paviliongovernment grant
08LIU Fang-TingLIU Keng-I, A Moment at Sunsetdonate
09HUANG Ming-ChangSHI Song, Reverence, Purity and Quietudedonate
10TSENG Ya-YunLIU Keng-I, Composition '00-7donate
11TSENG Ya-YunLIU Keng-I, Composition '94-Ddonate
12LIU Keng-ILIU Keng-I, While Working on a Painting (Diptych)donate
01Bureau Français de TaipeiMobility, Sound, and FormSound, Image installation organized by GRAME, Centre national de création musicalesponsor
02American Institute in TaiwanTaipei Biennial 2010sponsor
03Danish Art Agency's Visual Art CentreTaipei Biennial 2010sponsor
04IFA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V.Taipei Biennial 2010sponsor
05HUAN CHING Co., Ltd.the course of its general developmentsponsor
06Universal Impression Co., Ltd.the course of its general developmentsponsor
07Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp.5000 Bottles of “Free Beer Taiwan” in Taipei Biennial 2010sponsor
08Credit Suisse AGSaturday night open museumsponsor
09HSIA LU YUAN Int. Co,. Ltd.CHANG Tsai, Sacrificial Pig Festival, Sansia – 21 and CHANG Chao-Tang, Chang Tsai and His Wife,2works in alldonate
10TENG Nan-KuangTENG Nan-Kuang’s Photography , 20 works in alldonate
11CHEN Yin-HueiCHEN Yin-Huei, Hasake Tribe Pasturedonate
12TSAI HUANG Sih-MeiTSAI In-Tang’s oil painting, Fishing Boats(B) , 4 works in alldonate
13LAI Chuan-ChienLAI Chuan-Chien’s oil painting, Studio (4),2 works in alldonate
14TSONG PuTSONG Pu’s mix media, In a Distant Snoring Sound, 2 works in alldonate
15SU Hsien-FaSU Hsien-Fa’s oil painting, Si-Men Old Streetdonate
16LIU Kao-HsingLIU Kao-Hsing’s oil painting, The Cross Streetdonate
17LI Ming-DyaoLI Ming-Dyao’s photography, Street Scene,4 works in alldonate
18WANG Hsin (WANG Huei-Fen)WANG Hsin’s photography, Farewell Lanyu Part IIdonate
19Council for Cultural AffairsManet to Picasso: Masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Artgovernment grant
20Council for Cultural AffairsTaipei Biennial 2010government grant
01Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd.Mind as Passion: A video art exhibition featuring 17 new-generation artists from Taiwan and Japandonate
02XI ZHI TANGEndlessness of life: 25 Years Retrospect of Fang Lijundonate
03EVA AirArcadie. Dans les Collections du Centre Pompidoudonate
04Landis Taipei HotelArcadie. Dans les Collections du Centre Pompidoudonate
05Art & Collection GroupArcadie. Dans les Collections du Centre Pompidoudonate
06Credit Suisse AGSaturday Night Hoursdonate
07HTC CorporationEducation Promotiondonate
08The Museum Friends Associationthe course of its general developmentdonate
09Digital Content Institute commission by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic AffairsComputer equipment and software for “Fun with Animation: Digital Animation Experience Educational Activity” and “Moving Comics : Animation Workshop for Middle School Students”donate
10Nestle Taiwan Ltd.Valentine’s Day event: “Romanic Jazz Recital” and Mid-Autumn Festival Event: “Mid-Autumn Music and Art Appreciation”donate
11Council for Cultural AffairsArcadie. Dans les Collections du Centre Pompidougovernment grant
12Council for Cultural AffairsThe 53rd Venice Biennial: Foreign Affairsgovernment grant
13Council for Cultural Affairs2008 Taipei Biennial Feature: Dictionary of Wargovernment grant
14Council for Cultural AffairsLife Art Program: Taipei Culture and Education Promotion Projectgovernment grant
15Council for Cultural AffairsBounty of “Encourage Local Government to Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects”government grant
01C.J.Chen FoundationCHEN Jing-Rong's sketch, The Seaside after Rain, and CHANG Yi-Hsiung's sketch, The Spanish Dancer, and CHEN Jing-hui's sketch, Birdsdonate
02HUANG Chiu-ChuCHANG Wan-Chuan's oil painting, Self-Portrait, 15 works in alldonate
03CHIANG Han-TungCHIANG Han-Tung's work of mixed media, Boat Song(Tai Hu)donate
04PAN Chaur-SenPAN Chaur-Sen's oil painting, The contract of Applesdonate
05WONG Ting-HuaWONG Ting-Hua's photography, See Scenery in Rain, 18 works in alldonate
06SHEU Jer-YuSHEU Jer-Yu's photography, Being There: karaoke, 2 works in alldonate
07LIN Hsing-YuehLIN Hsing-Yueh's oil painting, The Period of Martial Lawdonate
08Teco Technology foundationToyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
09Pure-young construction development Co., Ltd.Toyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
10Pure-huei Co., Ltd.Toyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
11Pure-youth development Co., Ltd.Toyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
12Pure-youth real estate advertising Co., Ltd.Toyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
13Pure-chuan real estate advertising Co., Ltd.Toyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
14Fu Tsu ConstructionToyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
15Hotel RoyalToyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
16Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd.Toyo Ito: generative ordersponsor
17Institut Français de TaipeiARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centresponsor
18Hong's FoundationARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centresponsor
19CulturesfranceARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centresponsor
20Far Eastern Memorial FoundationARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centresponsor
21Taipei Artists Chorus Music Developmental SystemARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centresponsor
22Ykk Taiwan Co., Ltd.ARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centresponsor
23Rotary Club of ChinYingCentennial Celebration of Chang Wan-Chuansponsor
24Rotary Club of HsinChu DowntownCentennial Celebration of Chang Wan-Chuansponsor
25Yeh Rong Jai Culture&Art Foundation2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
26Israel Economic and Culture Office in Taipei2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
27IFA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V.2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
28The German Cultural Center Taipei2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
29Netherlands Trade&Investment Office2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
30Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd.2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
31Nova Media Technology Corp.2008 Taipei Biennialsponsor
32Institut Français de TaipeiFive senses dance partysponsor
33Museum Friends associationThe repairs of volunteer’s officesponsor
34Credit Suisse AGSaturday night open museumsponsor
35Council for Cultural Affairs2008 Taipei Biennialgovernment grant
36Council for Cultural AffairsARCHILAB. Collection du FRAC Centregovernment grant
37Council for Cultural AffairsArt Space Reformation and Promotion(regular part)government grant
38Council for Cultural AffairsArt Space Reformation and Promotion(capital part)government grant