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Guided tour

Guided tours of exhibitions are provided at the museum. Several kinds of guided tours are provided: special group guided tours, scheduled guided tours, audio guides and expert guided tours.
Group guided tour services are available for students’ field trips and can be arranged by appointment. Group guided tours for organizations and institutions as well as tours for the disabled can be reserved by mail or telephone.
* TFAM reopens from the 21st July 2018. Different floors will open to the public one after another, according to the opening date of each exhibition.
* Group guided tours (above 20 people, in Chinese): For reservations, please contact Miss Hsiao, (02) 2595-7656#323 ,7 days before the tour.
* Family guided tours are held for each exhibition,given in Chinese.
* Scheduled guided tours are usually given in Chinese and English. Please reservations by mail or telephone.
* Audio guides: Audio guide are provided according to exhibitions at service center of 1st floor.
* Expert guided art tours are held according to exhibitions.

Accessibility Facilities

TFAM's main entrance on Zhongshan N. Rd is equipped with a ramp for the physically challenged; wheelchairs are available at the first-floor Information Center. The building is also equipped with elevators for the handicapped, and each floor is equipped with special rest rooms.

Nursing room

Located on the museum's basement floor, the Nursing Room is available for breast-feeding.

Reading & Conference

In the basement the museum provides professional artistic publications in a art library. A medium-sized auditorium is also available for study groups and seminars.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverages can be found in the G section and the atrium in the basement. Meals, beverages and afternoon tea are available. The menu is changed from time to time, and varies according to the theme of exhibitions.

Publications & Souvenirs

A souvenir shop is located on the right side of the lobby on the first floor. Museum-related products, as well as various kinds of illustrations, artworks, posters and stationery are on offer.
A bookstore is also found in the basement. Various periodicals from the museum are available, as well as non-periodical publications such as presentations of research books and exhibition catalogs. Other printed and audio publications related to art are also among hte products.