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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 189

20180831145357602021Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2018/06/01



Topic WDH House Theatre
006 - Interview with Taipei Fine Arts Museum Director Ping Lin Editors
014 - Walking to the Moon CO-COISM
020 - The Historical Significance and Representation of Building a Replica of the Architect's House on Jianguo S. Road Shyu Ming-song
032 - From Modern to Eternal: Mies van der Rohe, Wang Da-Hong and the Tao Tribe Wang Wen-chi

Focus 2018 X-site
044 - Thoughts on Jurying: Imagination in Architecture and Contemporary Art — Returning to or Starting from Zero Wang Jun-jieh
056 - A Conversation between Jay W. Chiu and STUDIOLIN Jay Chiu/Lin, Pei-Jung/Tu, Chia-Ling/Yah, Fancy

Special Program Expansion of an Art Museum
065 - Expanding, Reconstructing and Revitalizing Art Museums: The Kyoto National Museum and Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Sotetsu Sha

Archival Research Archive after Digital Turn
075 - Digital Archive and Metadata: An Interview with Cheng Ching-ju Cheng Ching-ju/Liao Tsun-ling/Lin Ching-en

Featured Artist Liu Shih-Tung
084 - Interview with Liu Shih-Tung Yu Wei
088 - The Art Museum in Print: Revelation Liu Shih-Tung

109 - TFAM Online