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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 187

20180115154753530872Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2018/01/01



A Note from the Editor


Taipei Art Awards, Now and Then

006 - An Outsider’s Point of View: Comments on the 2017 Taipei Art Awards│Chen Kuang-Yi
015 - Pixilated Peak: Landscape, Time and Visual Frustration in the 2017 Taipei Art Awards│Wei Yu

024 - The Eccentric Roof Terrace Blocking the Street: The Years Since the Taipei Art Awards Started Giving only One Prize│Jian Tzu-chieh

Special Program

Renovation and Extension of the Museum
033 - New Life for Old Structures: Musée des Arts et Métier and Musée de Cluny in Paris│Rémi Wang

042 - The Architectural Design Competition for the National Gallery Singapore│Albert Ho

050 - The Transformation of TFAM│Chiaying Su



Image Device.Art Education

059 - Why We Talk about Image Devices—Geistesgeschichte in Visual Culture│Kao Chung-li

076 - Opening up Imagination: Art Education in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum│Hsuan-chun Lin


Archival Research

From Documentation to Representation

085 - Representing Archives: “Line of Vision-The Photography of Wang Hsin”│Yi-ting Lei

096 - Learning from the Experiences of Others: Visiting Yu Yu Yang Art Research Center and Cloud Gate Office of Archives and Grants│Lin Ching-En 


Featured Artist

Wang Yahui 

104 - The Art Museum in Print: Five Conversations│Wang Yahui

106 - An Interview with Wang Yahui│Wu Yu-tang and Yi-ting Lei

126 - TFAM Online