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Journal of TFAM No.33

20180919163256059873Publisher: TFAM
Category: Journal of TFAM
Published Date: 2017/05/01
ISSN: 1560-4713



003 - A Note from the Chief Editor

Theme The Age of Photography: Japanese Colonial History and Taiwan Photography

007 - Photography as Ethnographic Method: The Anthropological Photographic Archives in Japanese Colonial Taiwan. / Chen Wei-chi

039 - Photographic Archives and Visual Modernity: A Case Study of the Taiwan Exhibition 1935 / Chen Chia-chi

071 - The Early History of Criminal Photography in Taiwan: ID photographs,Criminal Identification and Visual Narratives of Anti-Japanese Armed Resistance under Japanese Colonial Gazes / Liang Chiu-hung

121 - Constructing the Taiwanese “Landscape”: A Preliminary Study into the History of Photography during the Japanese Colonial Era / Chang Shih-lun

151 - Appendix1 Summary of the Journal

154 - Appendix2 Call for Contributions