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Taipei Art Award a Retrospective 2001-2009

Cover ImageAuthor:tfam
Category:Theme Publications
Date Published:2010/12/1



Wu Kwang-tyng, Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum 006

Critical Observations
Ripples in a Pond-The Past, Present and Future of the Taipei Arts Award 022
Lin Ping. The Power of “Awards”-A Publicly Organized, Privately judged Beginning for Young Artists 2001-2010 044
Kao Chien-hui. The Self as Media 060
Chen Tai-sang. On Feeling, lntemediation and the Taipei Arts Award 072
Chien Tau-chieh. Historical Documents Jurors’Observations and Award Winning works 2001-2009 082

Looking Back
Chen Shu-ling. From the Taipei annual Arts Competition to the Taipei Arts Award 232