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TFAM, More than a Museum

TFAM, More than a Museum-1

Category:Theme Publications
Date published:2008/12/1

TFAM, More than a Museum
A Special Issue for Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s 25th Anniversary

Foreword Happy birthday to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum!/Hsieh Hsiao-yun
Introduction The Taipei Fine Arts Museum: Afinger on the Pulse of Changing Times/Ruth H. J. Hu

1. Memos to the Museum
Affirming Human Values in the Museum / Interview with Huang Kuang-nan
TFAM – The Much-Awaited Basic Necessity of the 21st Century / Lin Mun-lee
The museum as Chameleon – TFAM is Not Just a Museum / Huang Tsai-lang
Expectations from the Heart / Han Pao-the
A Quaarter Century of Art and Youth / Huang Ming-chuan
25 Years…a Brief History of Youth / Pan Tai-fang

2. Making the TFAM Brand
Promoting Living Arts and Creativity / Douglas Hsu
Taiwan’s Modern Art Museum Needs New Aesthetic Dreams /Han Liang-lu
An Art Museum Should be Creation of its Own / Maggie Tsai
Bringing the Museum to Our Lives / Tony K.M. Chang
The Taipei Fine Arts Museum is not just a Fine Arts Museum / Lilin Hsu
The New Museum of My heart /Hsu Yi-chien
Telling the Story of TFAM /Liou Ru-rong
Are We Still a “Fine Arts Museum”?/Eric Chen
The Art Museum as a Composite Space – is that Possible?/ Sean C.S. Hu

3. Reconsidering TFAM’S Position
Beauty as Aesthetic Sense and Subjective Reasliztion: Heaven’s Creation, the Natural Order and Creativity in the Modern Age / Wang Cheng-hua
For both Artists and the People / Lin Ku-fang
What’s Possible for the Fine Arts Museum of the Future /Hongjohn Lin
Looking Ahead from TFAM’S 25th Anniversary / Lin Chi-ming
The Art Museum as a Cultural Force / Ho Cheng-kuang
The Art Museum as a Cultural Force / Ho Cheng-kuang
A Broader Vision for Taiwanese Contemporary Art /Katy H.C. Chien
The Democratization and Specialization of Art Museums / Chang ching-wen

4. Artists Versus the Museum
In the Name of Art: The Two Faces of the Art Museum Paradox / Kao Chung-li
A Matter of the “Museum generation” / Wu Tien-Chang
My 25 Years with the Museum, and My Hopes for its Future / Tsong Pu

5. A Few Asides on TFAM’s 25th Birthday
A Matter of Distance / Hsu Hui-chih
Closer, a Little Closer! / Lin Cheng-sheng
A Layered Space / Flora Sun
What Can the Art Museum Do? Not be an art Museum / Cola King
What Elephant! /Hsu Jung-che
The Temple of the Lost / Feng Yi-gang
Great Moments in the Museum’s Next 25 Years / Kao Yi-feng