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MODERN ART No.182 Quarterly 2016.09

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Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2016/09
ISSN: 977-101802200-109
Price: NT$150




Interpreting the Archives - Art Attitudes

006 - Traces: Multiple Versions of History in Archival Art│Kuan Hsiu-hui

014 - The Power of Sisyphe ─ the Alternative Memory of"Disobedient Objects"│Chen Hui-ying

020 - Curating "Declaration/Documentation:Taipei Biennial, 1996-2014"│Sherleen Yu

027 - Rooting Upwards: Some Notes on Activating Archives│Hammad Nasar / Michelle Wong

034 - How Archives Become History: OCAT and Chinese Comtemporary Art│Dong Bingfeng

Special Program

Maiwan, The Link between Malaysian and Taiwanese Art

044 - Malaysian Artists who Studied in Taiwan from 1950s to 1960s: The Influence and Contributions of Choong Kam Kow, Tan Chiang Kiong and Lin Peng Fei on Malaysian Art Education│Lim Ai Woei

058 - The Benevolent Two: Comparing the Artistic Careers of Liou Shiou-ping and Choong Kam Kow│Moses Hsu

069 - A Few Notes on the Painting World of Tan Chiang Kiong│Chong Kiat Hong

Exhibition Topic

Situation, Expansion

079 - Revisited Mirror Images and Self Reflection in a Reverse Narrative Space: Visual Language in "Looking Glass - Daniel Lee Retrospective"│Chiu Chih-yung

088 - Under the Azure Sky: "Life between Delight and Discomfort"│Jo Hsiao

Collection Research

Exhibition from the Museum Collection

096 - Curating the Museum Collection: A Partial History of Art│Keith Cheng

107 - Asai Chu and Yushima-Seido-Taiseiden, Shrine of Confucius│Lin Chiao-pi

Featured Artist

Shiau-Peng Chen

111 - The Belly of the Trojan Horse: How to Speak from an Abstract Painting│Hongjohn Lin

118 - The Art Museum in Print: Gifts Artists Look For│Shiau-Peng Chen