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The Search for the Avant-Garde 1946~1969

Cover ImageAuthor:tfam
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Date Published:2011/12/1

Content:446 pages

PrefaceⅠ/Acting Director  Weng Chih-Tsung               004
PrefaceⅡ/Ex-Director Wu Kwang-tyng             005
Research Papers                    007
From Crisis to Transition: Reflections on the Development of Taiwanese Painting in the 1950s and 1960s/Hsiao Chong-ray         008
An Era of Percolation and Escalation: Building the Collection of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 1946–1969/Lin Yu-chun         014
Reflections on the Government-Organized Fine Arts Exhibitions of the 1950s
/Lin Chiao-pi          022
Catalogue         031
Appendix         337