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MODERN ART No.181 Quarterly 2016.06

Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2016/06
ISSN: 977-101802200-106
Price: NT$150


Topic :Evidence and Its Effects

006 - (Re)Archiving: Archive in Taiwanese Contemporary Art│Chen Ping-hao
016 - The Revival of Southern Testimony│Enkaryon Ang
024 - Confronting Reality: A Realm of Archive│Nicole Lai
035 - A Silent Chan Tone: Ho Kan's Study of Art in the Media│Chen Hou-ho

Special Program 
Southeast Asian Reality

042 - Field Notes From Artworlds: Interest and Impasse│Patrick D. Flores
058 - Truly Asian: Scenes of Magical Realism in Malaysia│Wang Po-wei

Exhibition Topic
The Way Things Go

067 - Body as an Object within an Object: Bodily Experience in "The Way Thing Go"│Wang Kuan-ting
072 - Unexpected Expansion in "The Way Things Go"│Chen Shao-hung

Collection Research
History of the TFAM Collection

079 - A Record of Events in TFAM's Permanent Collection Exhibition│Chen Shu-ling

Featured Artist
Chen Cheng-tsai

093 - An Interview with Chen Cheng-tsai│Chan Tsai-yun / Wang Po-wei
105 - tHE Art Museum in Print:13:4-7│Chen Cheng-tsai

108 - TFAM Online