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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 199

20210106142640266664 (1)Publisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2020/12


Topic: Examining Craft and Design Exhibition Archives

└ Preface: A New Telling of Old Stories / Freya Chou

└ Craft Returns to the Museum: An Interview with Ikko Yokoyama, Lead Curator of Design and Architecture, M+, Hong Kong / Ikko Yokoyama, Freya Chou

└ Archive Exhibition in Print: A Selection from Craft and Design Exhibitions held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in the 1980s / Freya Chou

Special Program: The Enlightening Eighties

└ Theater and the Eighties: Diverse Discourse and Ongoing Critique / Jun-Jieh Wang

└ The Undercurrent of the Body in 1980s Taiwan—Huan-Hsiung Li: "In an age absent of occasion for actions, theater was where our scenes took place." / Huan-Hsiung Li, Jun-Jieh Wang

└ Theater and the Eighties: Notes from a Panel Discussion / Jun-Jieh Wang, Yi-Hsiu Lin

└ Gathering Places in 1980s Taiwan / Yi-Hsiu Lin

Featured Artist: Emily S. C. Yang

└ The Art Museum in Print: Puzzle This! Let's Fly to the Unknown / Emily S. C. Yang

└ An Interview with Emily S. C. Yang / Liao Tsun-Ling, Lin Yen

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