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MODERN ART No.179 Quarterly 2015.12

Cover ImagePublisher: TFAM
Category: MODERN ART
Published Date: 2015/12
ISSN: 977-101802200-109
Price: NT$150


Topic │ Cross-Disciplinary Thinking in Contemporary Art—New Media Art

006  Double Crossover: The Historical Development and Aesthetic Signification of Taiwan Digital Performance Arts / Chiu Chih-yung

017  Online Interactivity in the Creative Act: Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Chatbot Works in 1998 and 2014 / Lee Chia-ling

023  From Origin to Sodom / Huang Chien-hung

029  Crossover: A Thinking Movemen / Chou Man-nung

037  Cross-disciplinary Imagination for an Apocalypse: Humanistic Ideas and New Media Art in the Exhibition “The Apocalyptic Sensibility” / Yunnia Yang

Special Program │ The History and Contemporary Scene of Singaporean Art

045  Nanyang, Equator, the Republic: Researching for Art Histories in Singapore / Nobuo Takamor

054  Singapore Art Scene: Akan Datang / Viviana Mejia

066  She and Her Mother’s Tongue: Touching on Amanda Heng / Adele Tan


Exhibition Topic │ Reality and Fiction

076  The Logic of Exhibition Mechanisms that Conceal: Alice’s Rabbit Hole / Kuo Liang-ting

081  Images for Summoning Souls: Hsu Che-yu’s “Microphone Test” and His Recent Narrative Turn / Wang Sheng-hung

Collection Topic │ The Preservation and Restoration of Art

089  Saving the Now: The Current Situation and Future Prospects of Collection Maintenance / Luo Hung-wen

097  The Development and Preservation of Photography in Taiwan / Chang Ho-yu

Artist Navigator │ Lin Chi-wei

104  Distance, Chaos and the Whirling World: Analyzing Aspects of Lin Chi-wei’s Creativity / Chang Shih-lun

112  The Art Museum in Print: Six Sound Diagrams / Lin Chi-wei

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