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Yellow Sheep River Project Chou Ching-hui
Yellow Sheep River Project Chou Ching-hui-1

Category:Exhibition Catalogs
Date published:2009/10/1

Contents:90 pages

Wild Aspirations-The Yellow Sheep River Project is a series that uses computer images of children of the Yellow Sheep River Area to create a large number of picture books. These picture books are then used as the basis of photography to illustrate the way of life of the children of the River Area. Chou Ching-hui uses documentary images as carriers of contemporary art and culture by vividly describing and recording what he observes. Chou achieves his purpose by integrating individual and social landscapes with the region through his own brand of image creation. This photography, which is interposed between traditional documentary and contemporary art concepts, has become a phenomenon that is gradually surfacing in the field of contemporary photography.