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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art. 188

現代美術. 188Publisher: TFAM
Category: Taipei Fine Arts Museum Modern Art.
Published Date: 2018/03
ISSN: 9771018022001 
Price: NT$180


Topic Re-imagining Performance in an Art Museum
6 From Black Box to White Cube: How MoMA Curates, Collects, and Arranges Space for Performance Art  Yu-Chieh Li
23 Training through Practice:  The Projects of GRAME Centre National de Création Musicale Wu Po-shan

Special Program Virtual Reality
31 It's the Actual, Not the Real: Ontological Event in the Work of Art of Virtual Reality       Chiu Chih-Yung
41 Notes on Visual Perceptions: From a Double 180°View of The Maids of Honour to a 360° View of AR or VR Art       Kao Chung-li
43 Toughts on Film Terminology and VR Movies       Shi Wei-chu
52 When Virtual Reality Arrives in an Art Museum: The Messages of La Camera Insabbiata       Wei Wan-jung
59 A One-Man Cinema: The Digital Logistics of The Deserted       Song-yong Sing

Understanding Museum Audiences The Learning Kit
68 Self-Guided Tours:  The Victoria and Albert Museum's "Backpacks" Program       Tai Ying-Hsuan
76 Ektashif - Art through the Senses: A Family Learning Program       San Sz-ting Shiung
82 Family Learning Kits at Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art       Huang Yin-shan / Chen Yu-nong

Archival Research Lung Se-liang
87 My Art Career in My Own Words       Lung Se-liang

Featured Artist Chang Nai-Wen
96 Who care sneeze here?       Chang Nai-Wen
98 An Interview with Chang Nai-Wen       Wang Po-wei

118 TFAM Online