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Originally under the supervision of the Educational Affairs Bureau of the Taipei City Government, the museum was transferred to the Cultural Affairs Bureau when the bureau was established on November 6, 1999.

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s organization comprises the following departments and offices: the Research Department, Exhibition Department, Acquisition Department, Education Department, Department of General Affairs, Accounting Office, Personnel Office and Government Ethics Office.

Other task-oriented departments include the Public Relations Office, the Section of Information Technology Office and the Biennial and International projects office.

The museum director supervises major administrative issues concerning the establishment. The deputy director assists the director in all kinds of issues related to the museum. The Board of Advisors provides consultation for the museum’s development; and the Permanent Collection Review Board take part in deliberation concerning the acquisition and collection of artworks.

There are 134 people working in the museum, including 70 staff members, 6 contract employees, 26 security guards, and 32 technicians and janitors.

Director - Board of Advisors - Permanent Collection Review Board

Deputy Director

Museum Affairs Development Council

Research Department
The Research Department includes Art Library, and providing professional literature for visitors to read.It publishes academic research publications, the Museum’s development policies and other research projects .

Exhibition Department
The Exhibition Department includes the Art Design Division, Photography Division and the Exhibition Warehouse. The Exhibition Department is in charge of planning all the exhibitions related to contemporary and modern art exhibition in Taiwan, as well as organizing exhibitions and artistic exchanges on an international scale.It plans and organizes the Taipei Biennial, prepares for the Venice Biennale and other important international exhibitions.

Education Department
The Education Department includes, Volunteer Division, Library and Auditorium. It is in charge of promoting art education, planning evening activities, organizing international seminars.

Acquisition Department
The Acquisition Department includes the Conservation Division and Collection Storage Division. It is in charge of acquiring artworks and classifying, registering and conducting research on them. It is also in charge of framing paintings and maintaining them.  

General Affairs Department
The General Affairs Department includes the Electric-Mechanic Division, Operator Division, Archives Division, and Security Guard Team. This department is in charge of administration documenting, purchasing, treasury affairs, management of assets, controlling access, electric-mechanic management, security guards and security.

Personnel Office
The Personnel Office is in charge of managing human resources.

Government Ethics Office
The Government Ethics Office is in charge of managing government ethics within the museum.

Accounting Office
The Accounting Office is in charge of the annual budget, accounting and statistics issues.

International Public Relations Division
The International Public Relations Division manages the promotion of public affairs and fund-raising.

Media & IT Division
The Media & IT Division is in charge of promoting and managing information, and establishing a platform on the Internet for information exchange.