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Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) was founded in 1983, as Taiwan’s first museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and the official art museum of the capital city.


The mission of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum is to promote the preservation, research, development and popularization of Taiwanese modern and contemporary art; to keep abreast of global trends and establish a variety of channels for exchange; to raise the general public’s understanding of and participation in modern art; to help Taiwanese modern and contemporary art to thrive; and to cultivate fuller artistic attainment in the people, in the hope of forming a contemporary society with aesthetic sense and cultural perception.


To organize various Taiwanese modern and contemporary art exhibitions, to share knowledge about art, and to encourage the study and production of art in Taiwan.
The organize the Taipei Biennial and the Taiwan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, to promote exchanges with the global community, to expand the cultural horizons of the capital city, and to enhance its international visibility.
To collect, preserve and maintain works of Taiwanese modern art, to preserve historical art assets, and to help form the public memory.
To research and organize historical materials pertaining to Taiwanese modern art through the collection of documents and the publication of books and periodicals, in order to promote the production of knowledge about art and make this knowledge widely accessible to the public. To hold the Taipei Arts Awards, fostering contemporary artists.
To run an art education program tailored to different ages and groups in society, to present a platform that fosters self-learning, and to popularize art awareness and enhance cultural discernment.
To promote creative marketing strategies, to provide a sophisticated space for culture and recreation that offers a rich participatory experience, and to elevate visitors’ artistic refinement and taste.