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Major Events


Major Events
1976 The central government ordered that this be a year for reinforcing cultural infrastructures throughout the country. A plan to build a fine art museum in Taipei was launched and included as part of the government’s Twelve Major Construction Projects.
1977 The Taipei City Government established the “Taipei Fine Arts Museum Planning
Committee.” Its appointed location is at the base of the YuanShan Second Municipal Park, the intersection of Zhongshan North Road and Xinsheng North Road. The surface area of the construction site is 24,169.8 square meters.
1978 Mr. Kao Er-pan was selected to design and build the museum.
1980.10 The construction of the museum officially began.
1983.1 Construction was completed. Ms. Su Jui-ping of the National Palace Museum was appointeddivision manager of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s preparation affairs.
1983.8.8 The Taipei Fine Arts Museum was inaugurated.
1983.12.24 The museum opened to the public,Ms.Su Jui-ping became acting director.
1986.9 Mr. Huang Kuang-nan was appointed the first director of the museum.
1995.2 Mr. Huang Kuan-nan was promoted to be the director of National Museum of History; TFAM
secretary –general Tsai Ching-fen became acting director.
1995.9 Mr. Chang Chen-yu was appointed the second director of the museum.
1996.6 Director Chang was relieved of his office. His position was filled by Liu Pao-kuei, deputy commissioner of Taipei City Government’s Department of Education.
1996.11 Ms. Lin Mun-lee became the third director of the museum.
2000.8 Lin’s term finished. Mr. Huang Tsai-lang, deputy commissioner of Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs replaced Lin. On September 1st, 2000, Huang was appointed as the museum’s fourth director.
2007.8 Huang’s term ended. He was replaced by Ms. Hsieh Hsiao-yun, deputy commissioner of Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs.
2008.12.31 Ms. Hsieh Hsiao-yun became the fifth director of the museum.
2010.3.1 Ms. Hsieh Hsiao-Yun was promoted to be the commissioner of Taipei City Government's Department of Cultural Affairs ; TFAM deputy director Chen Wen-Ling became acting director.
2010.9.15 Mr. Wu Kwang-Tyng became the sixth director of the museum.
2011.8.1 Deputy director Liu Ming-Hing became the acting director.
2011.9.5 Weng Chih-Tsung became the acting director of the museum.
2012.7.2 Mr. Huang Hai-Ming became the seventh director of the museum,and the tenure ended on 31 January.
2015.2.1 TFAM deputy director Chiang Yu-Fang became the acting director.
2015.4.30 Ms. Lin Ping became the eighth director of the museum.